Let us be a part of your next event! Birthday parties, corporate events, and private events. We do them all!

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With no upfront cost to your club or organization, we're a great idea for fundraising. Let us help you raise funds for your cause!

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Fluff Ice Gear!

Stock up with our super adorable tees and merchandise. Printed on high quality American Apparel tees and materials.

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What is Fluff Ice?

Fluff Ice takes on the traditional shaved ice dessert in a non-traditional way. Through a proprietary process that takes 8-hours to complete, we create each block of Fluff Ice by infusing our flavors into large cylindrical blocks. When blocks of Fluff Ice are shaved, what results is the magical union of delicate texture and decadent taste. With a taste-texture profile that is similar to "frozen cotton candy", Fluff Ice is light and airy, yet amazingly flavorful with every bite.

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Fluff Spotlight

Honeydew Fluff topped with Strawberries, Lychee Jelly and Condensed Milk.


  • Monterey Park:

    500 North Atlantic Blvd.
    Monterey Park, CA 92626


  • Monrovia:

    346 West Huntington Drive Monrovia,
    CA 92626


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